Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ain't got shit today

When I get super busy I forget to take pictures. 
Ive been working on the headlight buckets or whatever they are called for the XRTT project. It has taken allot of head scratching to get it figured out but I think I'm nearly there.   I also have the majority of the rear set design done but I want to get some pointers from Brad before I do anything more.  I also need to either get  a straight primary gasket or borrow a primary cover that I can pull dimensions off of so I don't have to tear his down.
blah blah blah.
My daughter won a 3D art award and we have to go to a ceremony today.  I'm pretty proud of her for that..
I leave you with this cool shot of my softy that Zen master B took .   I'm sure you've seen it on the zon but just in case....

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