Monday, April 22, 2013

More on Vux's Softail Bager

Some of my rarely seen airbrush work .  Even though this looks like your typical ole man dresser,  look close.  Over the years I have made him so many parts, foot boards, exhaust, air filter customized the rear fender, fuel tank, and bags. Made all of the billet do dads like the bag latches, points cover and air filter,  Also I kinda pioneered the clip on bat wing fairing long before you could buy the kit. Same for the bags but with a little fiberglass work. And I made the front fender and a few other un-named things.  By far this is the best running softail Ive ever ridden, he has just the right combination of heads, cam and displacement. The Mikuni flat slide, slipper clutch and a screaming beagle 6 speed gearbox gives him tire scorching power that has been trouble free for the last 50K miles. And he doesn't pussy foot around on it either. 

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