Thursday, July 4, 2013

Smokey and the bandit

My daughter getting a ride in her dream car last weekend,  she was pretty excited and it didn't make her want one any less.
Happy Independence day to all my American brethren!   Also today is my 5th anniversary, seems like just yesterday when Elvis hitched us on a steamy 120° day in the middle of the desert with a Etta James cover pushing a tear into your eye.  It was pretty fuckin beautiful.


  1. Congrats Man. Keep up the cool posts.
    I'd like to live in your shop for a few weeks, sweeping the floors, taking out the trash and sleeping under the work bench. I'd learn twice what I know now.

    1. very flattering Herminator! if your ever in the area feel free to come on by for a while.

  2. As Herm says mate, big congrats . . . Etta and Elvis, sounds like the perfect way to get hitched. Happy 4th of Joo-lie.