Monday, July 12, 2010

XS650 project bike found

Well , I found this at a garage sale this weekend for next to nothing , I've already named it el tigre for obvious reasons. It has the aluminum ridge wheels and is basically all there . My first task for this is going to be getting it fired up to assess any internal damage that I might not know about then the fun will begin. I'm not sure which way to go with it though, hard tail mid control bobber, cafe racer or a street tracker. After building the El Chupacabra and experiencing the bliss of riding that, I am leaning toward that. On the other hand a street tracker could be a blast too. I love the looks and style of the cafe racers and would probably be the easiest route for me to take with all of the stuff I've come up with in the past couple of years
. I will add a poll some time this week to see what everyone thinks.

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