Monday, August 9, 2010

Buell 1125R Belly Pan , Chin Fairing

They are going to be $225.00 Each without paint.

Plus shipping and packaging. ( about $15 to $20 extra)

As with all after market fiberglass components, some minor finishing will be required prior to paint.

Please specify if your exhaust system.

Special thanks to Brad for covering the tooling cost for the first part. Shoot me an email if you want to order or if you have any questions.

I added the picture on top to show the race length of the part and the fitment around the stock exhaust system.
It was brought to my attention that the angle on the chin fairing did not look right in the red. This is a optical illusion caused by both the camera angle and the angle of the Drummer exhaust system. The bottom of the fairing is actually designed to be reletively parallel to the ground, the photo on the top shows this clearly. If you have any questions either comment below or email me at . Thanks


  1. awesome! I need one for my CR. Does it fit with the stock exhaust? do you ship to Italy?
    thank you,


  2. does it fit with buell oem side fairings?

  3. Good morning...saw your belly pan on an 1125r that is for sale on ebay. I've got a black 1125r that I am in the process of face-lifting...the bike has stock headers and Jardine RT5 black carbon fiber exhaust. How do i go about purchasing one of your chin fairings for my is just the piece that I've been searching for...Thanks, Sharkey. I look forward to hearing back.

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  6. I want one.

  7. I want one.

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  9. Hey are you still making these?

    1. I have a barker exhaust on my 2009 1125r. will the belly pan fit? thanks

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