Friday, January 7, 2011

XS650 Bobber Rant

Mikes XS has been super awesome!
They are quick to communicate, ship and their prices are fair.
Licks Cycle , great web site , great prices, easy to order but I don't have my stuff and haven't heard shit. If its a back order , let me know, if it takes a week to go through, let me know. Make it seem like you love me a little. I will give them a bit because the holidays suck but I had high hopes.
Successful businesses communicate.


  1. Yup,Lick's is a shady place.I ordered a tank a week before a show out on Matha's Vinyard (an island of of MA. if you never heard of it)an had it overnighted to get it ready.The tank didn't come for 2 weeks and he they still charged the over night price.I'm only 5 hours from them on the other side of the state.Even after that the guy was a prick.

  2. Well, I wrote Licks and he got back to me straight away.
    That lifts a little weight off my shoulders.
    I am sad to see that even among the few who follow my blog have had issues.
    Next time I order from a a new vendor I will ask you all who is the best.
    Thanks for all your support.

  3. He wrote me back right away too when I had my issues. But when I order something and I call to make sure it's there and you tell me it'll be sent out the next day, i'm gonna believe you. They sent it out a week after I ordered it. I have other companies I do business with, but they were the only east coast place to have the helmet in stock and I didn't want to wait a week for it to come from the west. That plan failed, and I will never order anything from them again.

  4. OK, I received all of my order yesterday. I wont be ordering from them again. but all things aside . I ordered tires from them because I thought they might ship quicker than I usually get them from Cooker. When the tires showed up it turns out the Licks is just a middle man and the tires drop shipped from Cooker anyway. Licks prices were a little cheaper some how. My guess is that Licks does not stock any parts and they are just a sales site and would explain the slow shipping . Again this is fine , that's business but allot is to be gained by proactive communication and Licks did not show this so they will not be a vendor of mine. Thanks for all the feed back guys.