Tuesday, April 26, 2011

EN450 or 454LTD Kawasaki ,shes a runner

Other than tooling the leather shes done...
Runs good , fits the ole lady perfect and looks bratty as hell.
The wife took her on her maiden test run last night and she is super stoked.
If shes happy, I'm happy .
Not much posting lately because Ive been behind in a big way with all of happenings of the shop.
Don't worry Greg, I'm all over the sporty too.


  1. top job- damn, u work fast! bet the mrs is well pleased. that thing is far too kool to be a LTD 450. like the dished tank, stance is great too.

  2. As these cavities is in the tank? Please I hope the answer.
    Excellent work!
    Martin of Argentina San Juan.