Thursday, May 26, 2011

Found this the other day

Its cool but it bums me out that I don't have any plug on it other than " most parts were hand made " I only made the gas tank, the triple clamp, the clip-ons, the seat pan, the headlamp mount and the rear sets. Oh , and the paint job and a couple of hours of the assembly.
I'm not mad just bummed . Sometimes this is a thankless job. I hope the show gives me a little of the cred.


  1. Yeah, that's totally lame. Did they do any taping of you building the parts? I hope so, cuz if not I'm sure you'll get fucked out of all the glory.

  2. Yeah , they got about 10 hours of film at my shop with a interview. Either way if Cafe Racer Ypsi does well , I do well and they have givin alot of thanks for my contribution to the project.