Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Adventurer Anthony Picks

Ahhh, to live in the west.

My broham Anthony sent me some more pics and this little note " couple more pics. Hey Ry, Thanks for putting those up on the blog! Awesome! Here's a couple more from a trip to Moab UT and the Car show that they put on every year. Loving your! Love you bro. Seriously, let's put something together this year! "

Every year we talk about a ride or something and I have been dying to do some mountain living for a bit. Its hard to go do that and leave a family behind so maybe after I finish the 56, a road trip is in order.

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  1. Too good Ry . . . do it up man, the only regret in life I have is the other side of the double edged sword of being an only child . . . don't let it get away from you both.