Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CB750 Turbo Flame Thrower

Ok ,  Here is a video of it while I was in the middle of tuning it.  It's poopin and fartin here but you can get an idea of what it will sound like when its right.     I have it running much much much better now but I have decided to scrap the CV carb at this point.  I picked up a Bendix Zenith adjustable main from John at The Shop in Brownstown yesterday for $40.00 !  John is a stand up guy, and if you need vintage Harley parts especially shovelhead stuff , he's your guy.   That being said ,  I made a intake manifold and will try it out as soon as I get a minute to put it on there.
After talking to Kevin at Kevinhog's blog who was a great help and has been watching the build while he was turbocharging his 903,  Thanks Kevin!    On another note I did get my Superclutch and the Powerarc ignition from Cycle Exchange last week and the clutch is super solid and smooth now .  The ignition was easy and clean to install and with the retard switch in place it should work well with the little boost I'm putting to it.   I installed a oil pressure gauge for piece of mind as well and it runs 45 to 50 PSI no matter what the engine speed it so that tells me that its volume did not struggle from the oil system on the turbo and I think 50 psi is plenty for long turbo life.   ok bla bla bla . 

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  1. Thanks for the plug, after all the warning I gave you about being lean, I believe I holed a piston.....I knew I would I just hoped it wouldn't be before born free. Oh Well, back to the Freakshow! Your CB looks awesome and sounds great, keep it up!