Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cafe Racer Harley Sprint = Done!!!

Saturday, we made this tail lamp from a old exhaust reducer draw.

Sunday we took'er for a spin around the hood. Everything is backwards on this thing, the kickstand is on the right ,The kicker is on the left, the shifter is on the right and has a up side down shift pattern, brake on the left. I don't have a issue with the shifter and brake being swapped , its the up side down shift pattern that is messing with us. Mini-b was super stoked with the results of the build and it was great to see him grinning ear to ear on the test ride. It is pretty quick for a 350 4 stroker. We haven't had it on any land speed runs but I ran it up to about 60 on the side streets with no problem, so with Mini-b on her, it will be a monster and my guess is a change of final gear ratio will be needed to get the full bike and rider potential out if it.

Greg, the speedo works great, thanks.


  1. Brilliant job dudes, now how about a decent shot from both sides ??? Perty please.

    1. Thanks Whitey! I will see what I can do but I dont want to give to much away before the the show hits the air.

    2. Sorry Ry, totally skipped my mind, will happily wait until the time is right, good luck with gig.

  2. cool!!! can't wait to see all of it.