Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some more stuff done on the sprint

Yesterdays happenings .  Wrapped the rims with these vintage tread copy tires.  They look pretty nice for cheap tires and they seem to be true and surprisingly light. Color sanded and polished the tank and seat. Undercoated the tunnel of the tank and inside of the seat.  And did some assembly of the headlamp and stuff.  Did a few things to the front suspension but still waiting for the fork seals to come in which are 30mm X 40mm X 10mm and I was able to find them that way if you are looking.  Checked to make sure that the petcock I was planning on using would fit and it does not, so I have to figure that out.  Greg has the same problem but I'm thinking that there is a simple solution.  Mini-b is totally getting the itch to ride it now and he is mentioning destinations as we are working on it, this is a very exciting part of a build.

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