Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Stuff From The TON-UP Fest

The green bike, a pretty bitchin H1Kaw with a GSXR front and rear . Looks like fun!
The rest below that are just some cool CB750 SOHC's .
Mini's Sprint won best small cafe racer and My Turbo Honda CB750 won best engineering or something presented by the local community college , it was pretty cool. It is all on film as well, The Cafe Racer TV crew was with us all weekend so if you catch the show in the fall you will see my ugly mug with my ego all pumped up.
The Sprint battery took a complete shit and we almost didnt make it to the show . One of the few things we bought new and its scrap now. Lucky for us John at Cafe Racer Ypsi had a emergency lighting battery that got it going just fine . Thanks John.
Special thanks to Bob for the top 4 pictures and just being a creepy nice dude and helping out.

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  1. Good on ya dudes, well done on both projects . . . say, there was a turbo on that thing !!!!