Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finally Started Doing Something To My Softail

I took of the giant stretched tanks off and stuck on the original flat sides on to get a look at it.
I also stuck on a few different sporty tanks and some other bullshit that I had laying around the shop. The only one that I really liked more than the original fat Bob's was a extra capacity sporty tank that I had . The rear fender would have to go and I would have to bob it to make it look good. The bars are going to go and I plan on making a set that is bit slimmer and more comfortable. I plan on floor boards in place of the way forward controls that were so awesome 5 years ago. The pipes are going too, something more vintage in their place. I plan on chopping out 2 to 4 inches from the front end to correct the stance and over all geometry of the bike. My next big decision is , 21" front wheel or 16" . I like the 21" because it is classic chop cool but having run it on there for the past ten years and what I plan on using this bike for, I think the fatter front might be easier to ride on and I like the wide white front and rear. A pair of 18" wheels would be titties on there but I have a set of 16" and that is a cool look especially with the vintage rubber that I won't be using. Hmm, What do you think ?


  1. Stock fat bobs, 21" front wheel, 16" rear, chopped springer, lowered rear end, stock rear fender, floor boards, true duals, slimmer/lower bars, classic badging on one of your juicy paint jobs.

    1. I guess I should start with chopping the front end. I was thinking of a hinged rear fender if I can find one. You woulnt happen to have a shitty one would ya ? As you can imagine, condition doesn't matter. I can hammer it and patch it up if it needs it.

  2. I look for one in Davenport this weekend for you. Call u if I find one...