Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some RAS Moto builds

Turbo Honda tank
Mini-b's Chenko Special under construction, you can see the Turbo Honda early in the build to the right in the background .
The Turbo CB750 packin rainbows in your ass.
The Taint Splitter . I love riding this bike, it is totally my favorite bike right now.
Mini-b's Cafe Harley Sprint. The build for this one will be on Cafe Racer TV this fall. Such a clean and simple build.
The Chenko Special while it was still fresh.
CB360 Cafe that I build long ago. I sold it to Andy and he has completely ran the piss out of it.
Technically, not my build above but I made the seat pan, rearsets, clip-ons, upper triple tree, Fuel tank, Headlamp bracket and all the paint work.

The El Chupacabra, This thing was so much fun that it inspired a few builds.

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