Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Stuff

Top: Fuel Injected Harley tank fuel pump block off that I made for a good customer . A while back I made him the 333 version and now he is looking to sell this bike so he commissioned the DYNA cover on the right.
Bottom: 71 T350 Suzuki, this think is straight from Tennessee . This guy was actually on his way up, moving into the Detroit area with this in a trailer behind him when he spotted Jeff on a RD250 that I helped him with. This guy flashed his lights at him until he pulled over and Jeff gave him my number. It just has some hefty carb trouble and needs a basic tune up and battery.
On another note , We are all meeting at the coffee shop in Plymouth tonight to see Team G unveil their latest bikes. Greg's silver sufferer sporty and Gabby's Guzzi that she calls " Pow!" . Gabby did a beautiful job on the Guzzi and Greg's sporty is uncompromising in every detail. Hope to see you there!

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