Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heavy Metal

Mini-b took a visit to Greenfield Village over the weekend and snapped some pictures of awesome.
Old machinery is one of those things that they really don't make like they used to. Sometimes you can find old solutions to new problems that just make sense when you use and look at it. Old machinery is art as far as I'm concerned.
After saying this , My 1940's mill that I converted to CNC is on the fritz, I need to tear it down and replace a thrust bearing in the knee because my servo is no longer strong enough to move it consistently. It is allot of work to tear into the knee but the part should be inexpensive and I should get another 70 years out of it as long as I can get some sort of remote lubrication gizmo on it. In the mean time I don't have to time free to dig into it and I need to use the damn thing, not to mention my summer is burning and I want to get out and ride my bike. Very frustrating.

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  1. I have always been fascinated by old machinery. Even the way light hits the old iron is beautiful. If I had the real estate and a pile of money, that's exactly what my shop would look like. In the disposable world we live in, its amazing that these machines are still in use today. Driven by a line shaft, powered by a steam engine. Just like it was over a hundred years ago. I'm looking forward to having more pics from my vacation in the keweenaw next week. We should start a new series. "heavy metal mondays"