Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Production Rearsets are done.

This batch of rear sets has a top linkage for clearance over stock exhaust systems.
They should fit XS650 with a slight bend of the kicker and they do fit the Virago.  these should be nice and easy to fit on anything with a exhaust mount or rear peg holes.   I do not have a awesome universal linkage yet but I should have something in about a week. If you want to make your own linkage, I can sell you a set without it .   I will make myself available for technical assistance if you are having trouble fitting them on your project and I plan on putting up some online instructions.   
These rear-set levers are CNC cut from 100% 6061 T6 extruded aluminum bar stock and all of the pegs are hand machined from the same and can take a beating, so much so that I can offer a replacement part warranty for a cheap service fee.  In other words if you smash up peg or bend a lever ,  send it back and I will repair or replace it for gas money.  That applies if you have some modifications to make within reason as well.     Write me at seidlry@aol.com   or comment on this blog if you have questions.

on another note , My camera is still broke but I have an old iphone that I'm going to start using for the time being. 

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