Monday, December 17, 2012

Springer Bars Part 3

I apologise for not taking more pictures of the assembly but I was in the zone and its best to just leave it alone and keep going when your there.      So what I did was cut and weld a old set of Harley stainless bars until I had the S bends then I fish mouthed the end of the tube in the mill. After that I metal finished the weld joints and polished the bars.  From there I polished up the stainless stubs that I machined on the lathe, set up the bars on my little surface plate and slapped on a most beautiful weld. ( see top picture at this point )   From there I metal finished and polished the 3 hole bridge , positioned it ( 3rd picture down ) , laid down some more pretty weld then simply buffed all the welds.  I am pretty happy with the results.  As far as position and style go, they seem to have the vintage appeal with the innovative installation that I was looking for.   I ordered a internal throttle setup and I plan on using some early switches to clean up the bars and keep the old school thing going.     I will probably start on the paint work next.


  1. Big difference from when you were there . I'm really happy with them so far! We will see how they look once I put all the bullshit on there.