Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Holey Trans Case Batman!

I was cleaning up the spare engine that I have for the Turbo CB750 over the weekend when I found a little aluminum patch JB Welded over a fuckin giant hole near the sprocket.   It appears that either the chain broke and gathered or something fell in there while rolling down the road. After looking through the rest of the motor, in spite of the giant hole it looked pretty good inside so I decided to weld it up. Maybe just freshen this one up with some valve seals, rings and gaskets and toss it in there while I do the performance rebuild to the motor that I have in the bike now.   Welding it really sucks, The die casting is so porous ( at least on the bottom half that I welded last night ) that it was like welding foam that had been soaked in oil.  Not as pretty as I imagined it in my head but very functional and once its in the chassis it will never be seen again.

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