Thursday, April 18, 2013

Some more of my bosses rides

The Mustang bodies on the left and the the race cars on the right belong to Ford Racing but in the middle from left to right:    A 33 ford 600 hp tube chassis kit car ,  A steel body 33 hot rod, 56 Chevy 210 2 door, 62 Galaxy tripower, 64 Galaxy 500 with a 427 ( wedged in the corner), 65 Galaxy 427 4 speed, and a 63 Galaxy.   
Lately he has been on a Ford Galaxy buying binge. All of these cars are in better than new condition and this is only about 10% of his collection.   I told him he has the sickness. 
In the mean time he is restoring a 59 Impala and hired RAS moto to show polish the stainless trim. So Stu and I have been whittling away at that for months now and we are finally down to the last few pieces.  Boogie man is doing a stellar job on the body and paint.  This one is going to be spectacular for sure.

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