Thursday, April 11, 2013

Took a few minutes yesterday

and worked on Brads BF chop.  We are using an old CB750 front fender on the rear and last night I took out about 100mm of it to get the perfect length.   The 3rd picture down is inside after welding the outside.    Both Brad and I agree that the radius is a bit large and I will have to correct it.  I'm not looking forward to that because the hem bead on the perimeter of it renders my shrinker useless.  I will have to cut a series of relief cuts through the sides and the hem to bring it into check and then weld and metal finish it into place.  Not hard just tedious.   
On another note I received my GK magazine yesterday with Terry's purple sex machine on the cover and a cool article inside about Brad's sickness for the greatest hobby in the world. Brad mentions great things about Detroit and our local talent.  Thanks Bro..  it means allot to me. 
If you don't have a subscription to GKM, I suggest you get one.  I can honestly  say that its worth every penny ,  The bikes featured are awesome, the photography is the best and the people featured are real people like you and me.   

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