Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's close.

My gsx-r is coming along nice ,  all painted and running good although I need to sync the carbs before its 100% .  I checked the trans and clutch and it seems to be OK.  Rewired a few things and patched up or re rigged some poor rigging.  All I'm waiting on is the bolt kit to install the remainder of the plastics and I need to take some time and rebuild the front shocks, replace the brake pads and put a new valve stem in the rear tire.  I would like to replace the mirrors but I'm not sure what I want for those yet, the ones that came with it do not match each other and that would bug me to no end. After all that, I just need to get with Davin for the silencer and front turn signals then slap plates on it and see how she goes.

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