Thursday, May 2, 2013


I managed to seal and prime the tanks and seat .  The fairing got a coat of sealer and I will add some primer later today and let it all shrink as much as I can. I probably wont wait for the gixxer tank to shrink up because I'm planning on laying vinyls all over it and I'm not trying to impress anyone from 2 feet away.    In the mean time I have plenty to do. 


  1. The Sporty looks good even without the fairing. Love the Gixxer. My son had an ' 07. I rode it once and it scared the shit out of me.

  2. Hermit,Thanks. I was thinking the same thing about the sporty. Unlike modern sport bikes, The fairing on this thing isnt there to hide anything. This beast is going to be a landmark bike for both Brad and I when its done and it is getting to be exciting.
    As for the GSXR, I need to get the speed out of my system once and a while and I hope this will do it. Typically if it has 100 HP it could use 300 and as far as Im concerned, as long as it has a clutch and throttle there is never enough power.