Saturday, June 15, 2013

cant wait to get turbo cb going again.

With the fresh motor that I built for it and some other stuff I need to do I will be lucky to get on it this season.    Besides the basic engine swap, I am planning on making a new intake manifold and do some finer finish work to the details on the mechanics.  I also would like to make a mold of the fuel tank so I can make a composite fuel tank shell that will go over top of a fuel cell to lighten the bike up.  I put so much lead in that tank when I stretched it that it should have never been used on a real motorcycle.   I would also like to lower the fairing and headlamp assembly although it is in the perfect position to streamline the bike to its abnormally round rider ( Me ) I cant get over the awkwardness of it. 
I plan on rolling it into the shop as soon as I finish the XRTT project and I' m getting pretty excited  

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