Monday, June 17, 2013


I made it out to Brads early ( for me ) on Saturday to go for a morning ride.  It turned out to be much more.  We stopped at a couple of bars, had a beer and a cheese burger along the way, drag raced on a country road and complained about these chopper seats hurtin our asses.   Somewhere in the middle of all this I snapped my clutch cable....... twice     Brads tank mount gave way to vibration.  With the help of friends and a cool little hardware store and some bungee cords we were on our way. 
 Terry has to be one of the nicest stand up guys I have ever met and his flat head fuckin hauls ass not to mention he is a wrench wielding mechanical Merlin ( actually looks like Merlin) on these old bastards and we are fortunate to have met him.     I cant thank you enough for your help and beer and burger and buying that extra cable repair barrel.

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