Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some reorganizing

I cleared out a shelf above my hardware to store all my spare motors on.
From left to right :
-76 Kawasaki Z1 900. This was a running motor when it came out. Needs gaskets at least.

-72 CB750K. This is the carcass that I just yanked out of the turbo bike. Looked like I swept the shop floor and dumped it in the oil pan when I pulled it out.

-93 GSXR750. Magneto Industries donated this to me, it has some case damage but the important bits are good and if I wanted to oversize my 600 this would be a good start.

- I also have a Yamaha 700 YICS engine in the attic that I would like to put up here but I'm not up to muscling that at the moment.

Mini-b and I both wish these could all be vintage Harley motors but I missed the hording prime time for that by about 30 years.   In the mean time I'm putting a starter on the ole ladies land rover today.  I pulled the old one out last night and it reminded me why I hate working on cars. 

1 comment:

  1. Yep, with jam-packed engine compartments there's no such thing as a quick repair on any modern car.
    A friend had a Kaw 900 in the seventies, (probably a '75) I recall a harrowing, nighttime ride on the back of his bike while clutching a truck wheel when I had him give me a lift to have the tire patched.
    I peeked over his shoulder once and the speedo read 115 and climbing. No back rest, so all I could do was cuss under my breath and hold tight to the wheel with my eyes closed.
    I swore to myself next time I'll just roll the tire and walk, 'cause I'm a pussy like that.