Monday, July 8, 2013

Turbo Bike Intake Construction

One of the things that was causing me grief was the design of the intake manifold.  What I had built before was based on high rpm and was great if you could get it there but the air flow was so turbulent that it was knocking my fuel out of suspension until it was boosting.  So I went the opposite direction and made this little guy.   I'm much happier with the way it packages in there.
Also got it fired up over the weekend in spite of being on my death bed from a killer cold the ole lady gave me.    No test ride yet but it sounds pretty good and as soon as I get my sprocket and put on the chain that The Kid gave me, I should be ready for a test scoot, nothing crazy though, I am breaking in the motor.  I also need to find a master link for a 530 O-ring chain, the one he gave me has a rivet on one and I'm not sure if you can press those out and re-rivet them or not.


  1. Is there a turbo on that ?? Ha ha ha, never seen a vacuum cleaner head repurposed so brilliantly Ry, seriously though, tidy work indeed mate.

  2. I run a 530 o-ring on my 88 gsxr1100. You can press that rivet in and out on that master link to re-use them.