Friday, August 23, 2013

Found a Flat slide to try out

I picked this up yesterday from Shawn at 333. Shawn gave me a killer deal under the condition that if I don't use it, I will sell it back to him for what I paid.   Shawn has a nice little tuner shop focused on modern Harley's and is a straight up dude.   This is the perfect hook up for me because after talking to Kevin and the trouble he had with tuning the HSR, I was nearly talked out of it , that and it has been running pretty sweet on the zenith / Bendix adjustable main carb that I have in it.  However I really want the HSR to work and I wont be happy until I play with it for a bit. Shawn offered some dyno time and HSR tuning expertise and I'm sure papa bear has some experience to share as well. 

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  1. Good luck with that! Maybe the dyno will prove effective! I really wanted it to work too, I had to make an angled manifold to make it fit and add a brace. I was sure it would work with all the racing experience that Harry at ATP (American Turbo Performance) Had with these carbs. I was thinking maybe a thunder jet could be added to make it work? I'm eager to hear how it goes.