Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Big Stupid Head

I absolutely hate shimming shim under bucket tappets.  I know that they are necessary for this but I have never actually met anyone that tossed a stock one or had seen one tossed.   I suppose they are a couple grams lighter than stock and with the aluminum retainers it all adds up.  I suppose its worth it for that reason alone.

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  1. Especially on a Turbo bike. If you miss a gear at 20 lbs of boost that thing will twist s tight it will pucker your asshole. I've only actually seen them spit a couple times and the ones I've seen were turbo bikes. Even with a limiter, when you're on boost there is so much potential energy that a missed gear will spin the motor right passed it. Then you have a lot of welding to do cuz that shim leaves in a violent manner. They come stock on the 650's because you have to sin them so much harder to get them in their powerband (I'm guessing ).