Saturday, September 7, 2013

Turbo or NA

I was digging through my giant pile of Z1 parts and found 2 brand spanking new 80mm turbo pistons.  That would be sweet but sadly its only 2 and to be right I will need to buy all four.     I've been weighing cost of turbo vs NA and here is what I have on my pros and cons list:

Turbo stuff needed
Turbo pistons set  about $500
Fuel injection setup build myself  $1200
oil system for the turbo $300.00
hoses clamps fittings etc $200

I already have a huge brand new turbo for it and a nice header to front mount it  might even have room for a inter cooler or something.    I also have some rayjay turbo stuff but I think I will stick with the one I can buy parts for or replace without NOS parts.

NA stuff needed
Rings and Teflon buttons $250
Carbs, Lectrons $1000 or fuel injection same as above $1200
Cams  $350

The potential power with the turbo is huge, after crunching some numbers were talking 500hp at 2 bar.
and you will be able to start it with a button on the handlebars.

The NA has obvious advantages as well but after crunching the numbers from the turbo, I'm not so interested in the NA setup.   Not to mention this 1327 cc ,13.5:1 piston setup wont let me start it with the on board starter, and I don't want to kick that much ass to get it going. Plus it will be prone to overheat with the big block.  The best thing about this setup is it would be easier to build. All that said, I"m not in any hurry.   My wife asked me why I was even pondering it, she said " just turbo it " .    If  I had 2 more turbo pistons sitting around I would have put them in already and moved on to thinking of fuel injection donor parts.


  1. 500 HP is a little optimistic for a street motor. You can do it with crazy cams and compression on a really BIG motor but you won't be riding it on the street for the same reasons you can't ride the NA motor. But you can see 350 out of an 1105, you will still need a streetable turbo cam, some porting and big valves and about 30 lbs of boost on race gas. Around town they will live well on pump gas at around 12 to 15 LBs but then you will only be able to beat stock Busas and stuff. You're still working with air cooled 2 valve tech. At 7 lbs on a stock Busa my friend at ATP routinely gets 300 HP on pump gas and says you can't even believe how much faster those things are then the old Z1's. If I didn't already have the parts I would just do a Busa. Some guys are getting 700 plus HP out of those damn things..They are just dyno contest monsters but JEEEESH! They're 12.5/1 compression, 4 valves, water cooled, got little oil squirters under the piston domes etc etc. They run so smooth and have throttle response like a NA bike. Turn up 15 LBs and race gas and they get close to that 500 number and beyond. It's not even worth trying to make a NA motor make those numbers, they'll just blow up eventually!

    1. The head I have has been flowed and ported with big valves . I have a turbo cam and 1327 cc
      It's true that I won't have the rpm that the busa can squeeze out to command the big numbers
      The beauty of turbo is I can run it on the street with 10 psi and add boost for race power
      If all I get is 300 hp in ok with that too I'm not actually going racing with it , maybe salt.