Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Z1 build progress

I dug out the head for the Z1 project and it is as awesome as I remember, chambers reshaped , bronze guides ported , polished, decked, titanium exhaust valves, stainless intake. I still have to spring it and I have some aluminum retainers and titanium keepers with some shim under buckets for it in my pile of old go fast junk.  Ive spent more time digging through the shop for parts than anything.   On a different note, I was looking at my pistons and I'm thinking of going turbo rather than the 13.5:1, not street able pistons.   I was really not feeling the turbo after the trouble with the Honda and the fact that I have a turbo bike but this is a different story, I'm planning on injecting this motor so it makes life a bit easier when it comes time to boost it.  It would be a waste of a kick ass lower end if I didn't give it the business. Plus 8:1 pistons with the turbo would be street able to a point and gives me a little room to play on the bike or ride to the races.

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