Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mid pipe mod complete on Harper's Charper

Made his ugly pipes cool. This picture doesn't show it but I made a pretty cool exhaust hanger for it too.  I just need to disassemble the rear end, mark, drill and trim the fender, finish weld everything and metal finish shit where it needs it.  Hopefully I will have it done tonight. 

Oh,  if you don't already know, "Brad & Ry" are invited to build a bike for BF6. 
There was some confusion on how to list Brad and I, so its just going to be weird until we come up with a cool business venture name or agreement that we can co-own and not argue about who did or does and just turn it into "we do" without damaging either one of our hard earned ego's.   I consider this invite to be of the highest honor and I'm pretty confident that Brad and I are not going to disappoint.
And yes, Jesse James is on the list too.   I know there is some disagreements about that, I for one, think Jesse is a super talented fabricator and I am curious to see what he can bring to the table.  If he brings billet clad fat tire TV douche-bagery with him, his undoing will be his own fault.  I for one welcome his talent and will give him a chance to earn his bike builder honor back.

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