Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TANK moto article

This is the second issue of Tank moto magazine and I am proud to say that the XRTT Sportster that Brad and I built is laced into its interior.
   If you have not seen the Melbourne Australia based magazine yet, do what you can to get a copy.  The amount of content that is in each copy is ridiculous! In fact to call it a magazine belittles it. To me this is a paper back book that one would keep in their motorcycle  library for many generations and with the art level photography and sheer amount of awesome, I think you will agree.   Get one or many HERE.
I have not yet seen that latest issue myself but looking at their blog, I dont see any choice in content that I would change .   Looks like they have a Z1 900 Kaw dragster story, a XS650 story and Super Cub article, to name a few.  Pretty much everything I blabber about here.

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  1. Congrats mate, more thoroughly deserved press, you know how I feel about 'that' bike.