Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gettin tight in here

My shop.  Or as Brad called it; "Ry's International House Of Choppering"
Have allot of irons in the fire at the shop.  This will be fun...
Far left, on the bench is a Buell belly pan that I'm molding for a email order.
Left hoist is the BF6 chop, mostly working on frame mods right now. Waiting for tubing.
In the middle of the picture back and left is a Guzzi tank getting prepped for paint.
To the right of the gas tank is the Kaw motor under a sheet. Pistons arriving any day now for that.
On the red hoist to the right is Boo Boo's VL chop.  Very rough now but not far off really.
To the far right is my garbage can over flowing..

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