Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Shop Tool Yesterday

Air fuel meter with data acquisition. They have finally come down in price enough for me to buy one. I am not permanently mounting it on anything , the idea is to use it as a tuning tool. It has some pretty cool programmable features that I could even use it to drive some injector circuitry and add fuel in lean conditions.

On a different note I have a new clutch and ignition system on order for the Turbo Honda from Cycle Exchange. Their website all though full of info sucks ass but just give them a call and they are super cool and easy to work with. After my research it seems that they are on the top with their new power arc ignitions. The ignition has super fast coil charge time that allows multi spark up to the higher rpm range and up to 85000 volts. It uses a modern style coil pack and has a optical trigger that they claim is more stable than hall effect witch makes sense but was not the issue for me. Most of all it has a digital IO that I can hook a vacuum or pressure switch to and pull out timing when the turbo starts making boost or when vacuum drops to zero.

The clutch I ordered is just a standard Barnett clutch but they take and carbide coat the steels to add grip. This should work well with the thick ass synthetic oils that I'm running. I will keep you all posted on how it all plays out.

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