Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Still Messing With The Turbo CB

I was pretty sure that I had some internal damage to the motor so I hadn't messed with her for a while . Last night I was standing next to it and I said "fuck it" and fired her up. To my surprise it fired right up so I messed with the air filter and a few things then took her for a angry run up and down the street. Its kinda funny that it starts spitting and and sputtering at about 30 mph but as soon as it gets through that , it's time to hold the fuck on. You can maintain that through the gears if you keep the RPM's high but I was on side streets so not to much of that or my neighbors will hate me more than they already do. After that I brought it back home and made a few changes to the pump in the carb to see if I can correct the transitional fuel problem, so far its pretty awesome .
This engine is done for though, its leaving a 2 stroke style smoke trail behind me but its just going to have to wait until I can build the high boost engine it deserves.


    I like that!

    1. yeah, basically some bad ass rods, forged pistons at about 8/1 or 9/1 and some killer valve train and springs and I think that I can feed it about 30 psi all day long. I have seen spikes up to 25 and it is a addicting feeling.