Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rearset Production , Virago kits n' shit

These first ones are all spoken for but I have 5 more sets in process and I expect to have some up at Cafe Racer Ypsi by Tuesday.  I have a few that visit this site that are interested as well ( I haven't forgotten about you ).  Some time this winter I plan on putting in a web store with all of this stuff that I make all the time.  The final price for these will be around $375.00 set .  I plan on supplying some sort of a linkage kit for the custom applications and a install kit for the Virago.  Also working on a XS650 kit that will mount these right on the rear peg mounts.  I just have to measure the size and thread pitch of the stud that pokes out back there.   Ask me about a set
On a different note,  I am so fed up with the generator charging systems on the sprint and old Harley's and every ones shit ass junk box electronic regulators that.... I am developing my own .  I am working with my good friend Mike Wyese  ( I call him Peeps , don't remember why though ) and we are coming up with a internally fused self polarizing diode protected unit .  Mike is the electronics guru for problems like this and we have been successful together in the past .   This, coupled with some cool packaging should be sweet.    It sucks when your the " go to guy for this sort of thing " and cant figure it out, who do I have to go to ?  

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  1. Don't know who you can go to man, but I'd love a set of those controls to suit my '74 FXE with forward controls . . . whatever it costs, love the simplicity Ry, awesome shit bro.