Monday, September 24, 2012

Excuses and stuff

My camera has completely shit all over the place again so I wasn't able to get you anything current.
Over the weekend I finished up a couple of rear-set controls for the virago's that will soon be on sale.
Every bike that Mini-b owns will not charge a battery and it is pissing us off to no end.
Above,  I love the seat.  I thought about doing this to my turbo Honda but I didn't want to cook my potatoes. 
The one on the bottom I blog jacked a while back because I could imagine it being a blast with Greg , Brad and Gabby .   I just haven't gotten out as much as I wanted to over the summer.    Seems like I say that every year, I really have to remedy that.
In the mean time I have almost zero jobs in the shop that are going to pay out right away and its stressing me out a bit.  I have invested quite a bit into the rear-set project and the virago mess along with the mill breaking down has really tossed a wrench in my gears.   This time of year always sucks ass .   OK enough whining, I'm done now.

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