Monday, January 21, 2013

The weekend saddle project

Recovered my seat over the weekend .  I figured I had a big piece of leather just getting dusty on the shelf so if it didn't work out I would get over it.  Gave it a bit of an antique or a worn finish and slapped it  on the bike.   On another note, I took it for a spin on Saturday ,  seems awesome except for a witness mark on my front tire from it touching the bottom of the shock.  Hopefully I can take the front damper apart and add a bumper to limit the suspension just a hair. 


  1. I was worried about that

  2. Jacob, 2.5" out = no problem. 2.75 " out rubs a little . its super close and only when I hammered on the brake to bottom out the suspension did it touch. So as long as I can hack the shock it will be golden. Was super nice to ride it chopped like that, I did the hands free test at about 40 mph and had no issues.

  3. Seat looks much better Ry!

    1. Thanks , the flames really clashed and the other one looked stupid.