Monday, April 8, 2013

Gap fill

Over the weekend I finished up mounting the seat on the XRTT project.  We had to make a filler panel to make the gap between the frame and seat disappear.   That sounds easy enough but it turned out to be several days of fiberglass free building and some crazy complex curve carving carnage.   The result is pretty sweet though, with 2 Dzus fasteners, the whole seat will pop off for a little under tail stash spot ( something that I wish I had on at least 1 of my bikes).    Paint and detail time is coming quick,  only a few more details and I can start paint and body while I develop the rearsets and exhaust.  On a different note , I stopped by Marcel's house yesterday to take a short ride and say hi and while I was there I checked out his rearsets that he built on his sporty cafe bikes.  Marcel's stuff is always sweet and built tough but I think I want to develop my own that attach to the engine cases rather than the swing arm or the frame.

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