Friday, April 26, 2013

We picked up my gsxr last night

1992 GSX-R600 the first liquid cooled gsx-r's.
Stu was determined to get it running last night so we tore into it and cleaned the carbs, emptied the fuel tank and put a " better " battery in it and got it fired up.  It will need some love for sure.
A set of plugs, a total flush and fill of fluids and a good sync job should right the motor.  No smoke or signs of abuse .  The bike on the other hand, although frame is straight, she had gone down more than a whore on nickle night.

Here is my list of shit I need to get it on the road:
Oil, Filter, Coolant
Fork seals, Oil
Left, right lower fairings with bottom and top inners (  same as 93-96 gsxr750 )
The correct clutch lever ( the one on there is from a yz80 or something )
various bolt kits ( everything is held together with nylon ties right now )
Brake pads front and back
A valve stem in the rear wheel, Tires are pretty good.
A new muffler, the D&D one on there is cracked.
A couple of turn signal lamps or block offs
Possibly a chain, it is loose but plenty of adjustment left, I will need to look at it closer.

If anyone has some of the above stuff they want to sell, please contact me.

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  1. Classic Ry, more than a whore on nickle night, brilliant . . . gixxer is cool too.