Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Cars

Top; My daughter informed me that her boyfriend just picked up a 71 Lincoln Continental for his first car. 
 It reminded me of my first car a bit , ( middle ) A 1977 Olds 98 regency 2 door.    I eventually had some slotted aluminum wheels, white letter tires etc.  I had cut out everything I could to lighten it up and tossed the back seats in favor of carpet all they way up.  Replaced the 60/40 front power seats with some buckets from a early 80's Toyota.   I drove the piss out of this thing and I wouldn't mind getting one today, although I would leave the original interior in it.
    I would prefer the bench seats getting torn out of the daughters boyfriends car but with fuel at todays price and that thing packing a 460 cubic inch big block,  he may have to live in it. 
Bottom;  My best friend at the time had a 1971 Pontiac Grandville. Same color as the one above. All white cloth interior, 3 ash trays in the dash , 4 in the back seat, no cup holders and a 455 under the hood.  I have many memories viewed from inside of that thing.

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  1. Mine was a 1981 Cutlass Supreme Brougham. My mom bought a new car in '91 and kept the Cut for me. I worked on it from then until I got my permit in '95. My pops and I swapped out the gutless 4.3L V8 for a Pontiac 400. The poor thing didn't last a year after I turned 16. I got t-boned by some old lady that blew a stop sign. It looked identical to this one except mine was dark blue.