Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Harley Sprint Action

The Sprint that we built for season 4 of Café Racer TV that is yet to air.
  The Sprint SS, although beautiful, has never been quite right.  The biggest issue was just the fact that it was a complete pain in the ass to start. You would kick and kick and kick , charge the battery and kick and kick so Mini never really wanted to ride it.........  We suspected a carb issue however I noticed a huge current draw when it was on the charger that coincided with the points opening and closing, Hmmmm.  The points are good , the coil is new so I figured as weird as it is, the condenser must have a partial short.  Now when we checked for spark it was always good but fuck it, something wasn't right.    So, we pulled the carb, cleaned it out and swapped the capacitor for a old Honda one and 2 lazy kicks later she was running.  The current draw issue is better as well.   Its hard to say what fixed it but who fuckin cares,  its running.

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  1. We had a Sprint, hard to start....What helped? Run the valves a little on the loose side (add an extra 1.5 thou to spec). We also
    drilled out the starting jet on the Del Orto.. Then we used the
    enrichener as a primer....One kick with it on and ign off. Then
    enrichener off and ign on and poom, it starts.