Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday stuff in my shop



Greg and the Kid stopped by yesterday to hang out and work on the Kids sporty for a minute.  We stuck the badges on it, checked the charging system and declared it good.  
The Softail with the springer came in because of a weird noise. It ended up having a blown out rear wheel bearing that destroyed the bearing bores on a otherwise nice vato spoke rear wheel.   No fear, Greg brought me some fresh bearings and seals and surgery began. I made some spacers to move the bearings outboard a little so they would seat on some good metal, Made a new spacer tube, packed it full of grease, beat in the new seals and spun it a bit for good measure. 
I also pulled off the cam cover to see if it was possible to remove the head studs on the turbo cb750 without pulling the head.  It doesn't look good for me there. 
And lastly,  Darrin ( the Kid )   was on his way out and his fresh Iron headed trouble steed up and stalled.  upon further inspection we found a total lack of spark.   It was getting pretty late so he left it in the shop and we will mess around with it later today.
For the most part it was a good day with friends in the shop. Thanks for stopping by guys!


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