Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rained out yesterday so we did this shit.

Well, I arrived to the shop yesterday and put some gas in the Turbo Honda and buzzed it around the hood for about 15 minutes after putting a thunder-jet in the carb.  It was pretty hot out so probably not the best to break in a motor but whatever.    As I was pulling into the shop I noticed my tree blowing all over the place, a storm was brewing and I hadn't noticed with my face planted on gauges while I was riding around the hood.  Mini-b showed up shortly after that and the rain started dumping on us so we stayed in the shop and made a stainless fork brace for the sporty and put a "better" drive chain on the GSXR.
The big news is that I received my 1327 piston / block set for my old Z1-900 Kaw.  I have been bidding on eBay for years trying to win this one and here it is.  All I need now is some 32 tooth cam sprockets, a longer timing chain, Teflon buttons rather than cir-clips, a basic gasket kit and huge base gasket / shim.   At least now I can get the cases off of the shelf and start to bore them out to fit the hugeness that I'm about to stick to it.  Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked.

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