Thursday, July 11, 2013

Turbo bike 2013 shakedown complete!

Running nice now.   Had some carb issues that I took care of last night. It seems that I fight this carb and every time its the same piece off poop stuck in the emulsion tube of the adjustable main jet.  That being said , after I cleaned that out it was all good.   After riding the Gixxer around for a while, I am surprised how comfortable this thing is and how well it rides .  Custom bikes are where its at man!

Here is a list of this years mods to the turbo bike:
Engine rebuilt.
Stock bore
Heads are ported and polished.
Valves , swirl polished and lightened
Bee Hive springs with lightened keepers
reshaped combustion chambers. This was a big deal and took a point out of the compression ratio.
Good studs and a super duper gasket kit from cycle x .  nice, stamped stainless and Viton coated head gasket.
High performance internal chains.
 A total redesign of the intake manifold that seems to have helped a bit, I will pull the plugs in a while  to see if the flow is favoring any one cylinder but it helped allot with drivability.
 Added a thunder jet to the carb just because I had one really.
 Put that cool old school holey air filter on it.  Its super low profile and seems to flow plenty for now.
 Put a X-ring chain on her thanks to the Kid for hooking me up with that.
 Took off the 18 tooth K model front sprocket and put the correct 17 tooth super sport sprocket in.
 Polished the tail pipe, I had it roughed in because I thought it looked good like that but I'm happier with the polished stainless look through there like this.
 Remounted the windscreen, moved down about 25 mm and forward about 50. still need a new windshield for it but I would like to take a crack at blow molding one so it can wait.


  1. Right on RyMan, there is a turbo on that !!!

  2. Looks awesome, glad to hear you got it all dialed in. I burned my down and waiting on cash to order trick pistons and stuff.

    1. I have a spare O-ringed J model block that would be a nice start for ya. Been a long time since I saw it so I'm not sure of it's shape but it was good when I tossed it in there. It's yours if you want it, just cover shipping or if your near the D stop by and get them.