Thursday, August 1, 2013

For sale!



My 56 Belair
It is what it is,   New everything as far as chrome, suspension brakes drivetrain etc. 
the only non-stock mod is front and rear anti sway bars.   This car was built to drive.   That being said, the interior is mostly original except the carpet some paint and the front seat cushion is replaced under the original fabric.    this car was ultra clean to start with and when I did the body , not a single hole was filled or welded up. 
It saddens me to part with it but I have to many cars as it is and the ole lady and I want to buy a little vintage camper and pay bills, to do that I need money and space.
I have it listed on Craig's list for $15000  which is a fair price, I have seen them sell in rougher shape on eBay for 19 K.  Rather than waste time on eBay and giving them their cut and probably uncle Sam's cut. Its best to just cash it out for 15K.  
Spread the word. 

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