Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's on!

The engraved hunk of aluminum is just the plaque for the trophy, more to come.  I can't take credit for the speedo, that was totally mini-b's idea. It will certainly find its way into one of these trophies though.


  1. Nice work as usual Ry, brilliant idea B.

    Ry i got a paint project on a set of aluminum wheels, other than strip clear coat, scuff, de grease, brake clean, any other special steps before and after primer? Going gloss black with a rattle can, and etching primer. Depending how even the gloss lays out i may hit it with a gloss clear rattlecan.

    1. Your process sounds good to me. The trick is clean clean clean. Especially on wheels that may have tire shine goo any where near them. I don't recommend the rattle can clear unless it is the clear urethane that has a catalyst chamber built in.
      You can usually get a nice even gloss if you set up your wheels so you can rotate them (face vertical) while you paint. This allows you to lay it on a little heavier without running and keeping the entire surface wet ( no overspray) not to mention its just easier this way.
      If I was to paint them I would use a tinted epoxy primer and a acrylic enamel top coat. Making sure to top coat them within 18 hours of each other and 20 minutes between coats.
      Of coarse this exceeds the cost of having them powder coated sometimes so its most likely not for you.