Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nothing really

I have the Mustang power tour taking a tour of my day job today and I hope to get some photos of cool stuff that may take place.   I will post something before the end of the day.
I rode the Turbo bike into work today and it seemed to not run so awesome.  I will go out there and fuck with it on my lunch break. My guess is a piece of poop stuck in the carb again.   When I built the fuel tank I used some fancy new sealer that was supposed to hold up to race fuel and alcohol but I keep seeing tiny flakes in my primary filter and I accidentally broke my secondary in line filter when I was putting it back together.  I'm still thinking of converting it over to E85 and I'm almost positive that my adjustable main jet Bendix that I have will accommodate the extra fuel requirement just by turning the screw.  I need to put a better flowing fuel system on it though. it is questionable as it is now.

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